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IDS Intrusion Detection configuration

Security Center protection configuration provides real-time IDS Intrusion Detection System settings. The detection configuration includes the following methods: New nodes properties, Changed nodes properties, Threatened nodes properties, Vulnerable ports properties, Linkup WMI detection and Linkup script detection. The preferred detection methods should be selected to reflect the protection level that best suite each network needs and security demands.

These are the required steps to set IDS Intrusion Detection System configuration:
1. Select from Security Center viewer main menu the Protect screen.
2. On the Protection screen under the Protection Details section click View detection settings.
3. Make sure that the Intrusion detection status at the top of the screen is set to Active.
4. Select the preferred detection section by clicking the Edit/Modify button or double-clicking over it.
5. From each Intrusion Detection section set the preferred detection method.

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